Based in Philadelphia, PA, NICKRICHGFX, LLC is an independent strategic creative group specializing in branding, marketing campaigns, and design.  Our main approach revolves around delivering clean, effective design for our clients to illustrate a clear message to the potential consumer.


Through the leadership of CEO and Creative Director, Nicholas Richie, we create visuals that meet personal as well as business objectives for our clients through smart, strategic services that elevate our clients, meet or exceed their expected results.  Our design practice is simple; we work closely with our clients during the design process to illustrate character and relevance, while maintaining focus on the target market.  We apply this thinking across brand identity, print, web, environment and packaging design.  We like the less is more mentality but we also like to push the envelop.

One of our core values is relationship.  Most of our clients are long-lasting, return clients that have been with us for years.   We have experience in both service and product based businesses, artists and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries across the country.   We build a strong rapport with our clients so we can have an in depth understanding of the direction of sales, marketing and consumer behaviour that will deliver the results you’re looking for.


There are hundreds  of graphic designers around the country, most likely several within your direct market but you somehow landed here.  How do we stand out?  For starters, all of our designs are unique to our clients.   We don’t use graphic templates, or cookie cutter design software for anything we deliver.   After a consultation, we build out a creative plan, develop a reasonable timeline to allow our process to flow until the final product is delivered.   Each client is different, approaching projects with this is mind gives us the freedom and flexibility to cater to each client’s needs and goals.

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